30 December 2010

You'll never look at a straw the same way again.

Happy New Year!!! In my two previous posts, you've seen a few of Bangkok's crazy and beautiful Christmas decorations. Below are a few that bridge the Christmas season and the New Year's festivities. One of my favorite artistic endeavors of all time was discovered in one of the Siam shopping centers-- Siam Discovery. Each piece of seasonal artwork throughout the building is made out of multi-colored drinking straws. From life-size Christmas trees and holiday garlands, decorated in twinkling lights, to a suspended graphic treatment of sculptural stars and a giant exclamation of the word YEAH!, the work is absolutely stunning up close. The grandest in scale is featured in the center's entry hall, which consists of an entire wall covered in drinking straws spelling out a welcome greeting. Take a look and then go get yourself a straw, pop it in a cool drink and contemplate how long the artists must have spent creating the displays featured below. Again Happy New Year!

 Entrance to Siam Discovery. The entire wall is covered in drinking straws!

A close-up of the above wall.

More drinking straw art. Suspended from the ceiling, three floors up.


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