01 June 2008

Who else is Loving Rice? See what people are saying!

Loving Rice embodies what a good blog should be. The author is a storyteller who cares deeply about the world around her. Her stories revolve around motherhood in modern Bangkok, but the recipes and writing should not be overlooked. The Me Goring recipe is the best I've tried.
-Ted Ravenson, posted on expat-blog.com

You are a true story teller. Thank you. I look forward to your next recipe too. I'm cooking them for my family. 
-Beatrice Chale, posted on expat-blog.com

... Love your blog. Check it everyday for updates...

... Your writing is heartfelt and beautiful....

I love your blog and check it every couple of days to see new adventures you've had in Bangkok.
-posted on expat-blog.com

Your recipes inspire as my mouth waters.

You are the coolest mom EVER!

Yum-o! The Bee Hoon recipe is great. Thank you and keep the recipes and fun stories coming. I love your blog.

... We appreciate all of the recipes (and have tried many!) in your posts as we are big on cooking. Thank you for putting together such a great compilation of posts and recipes and for the occasional pun!

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