07 January 2011

In the land of smiles

Little moments in life this week that made me smile...

1: Krispy Kreme opened their first Thailand-based store in September. It's now January and Krispy Kreme fanaticism is going strong. Located at Siam Paragon, the luxury shopping complex in the center of the city, the lines still wind and snake in a maze of people before extending outside. I sat at a nearby Starbucks recently and watched as people gratefully 'made it' to the portion of the line where they could enter the air conditioning. Once at the counter, several dozen donuts were purchased by each person. My husband recently saw the 'Krispy Kreme' stand across the street from Siam Paragon-- an enterprising Thai vendor reselling donuts he had previously stood in line for. Watching the length of the lines at Siam Paragon, I'm sure his venture is a money maker!

2: I took my newborn in for his 6 week check-up (the first official appointment since we left the hospital after his birth). He's doing really well, with the exception that he has the same severe dry, chapped, irritated skin that his older brother and sister had as newborns. So, when the doctor offered a solution to the problem,  I was more than happy to listen. She began by saying, "I prefer a very natural approach." My eyes lit up and I thought, "Hooray! Someone on the same wave length as me. Natural. YES!!!!" and did a quick little mental dance for joy over the fact that in prescription-drug-crazed-Bangkok, a doctor might actually support my natural method desires. She then proceeded to lay a thick layer of petroleum jelly over his face(!).

3: New Year's is a BIG deal in Bangkok, with neighbors, friends, familiar faces wishing each other a Happy New Year (or 'Sawadee Pi Mai') upon seeing each other for the first several times after the New Year begins. And, part of the tradition is to purchase and give out New Year's baskets for those in your life. I recently walked into a doctor's appointment to see my doctor's office filled with baskets (and by filled, I mean, stacked one on top of another, covering the floor space-- I had to walk around baskets in order to sit at her desk!). Patients came in to interrupt doctors between their appointments to drop off baskets filled fruit, jams, coffees and candies. DANG! I should have thought to bring a basket!

4: So, in line with observation number three... perhaps the funnier thing is what is contained in the baskets. Sure, there are fruit baskets, but the majority sold at the grocery stores are filled with random, disconnected imported items. How 'bout a basket brimming with instant coffee, laundry detergent, Pringles and panko bread crumbs? Oh, and did I mention, said baskets are ridiculously expensive!

5: Pringles. This country seems to be in love with them lately. And, Pringles has responded with a trillion (okay, I'm exaggerating...) new flavor choices. Crispy shrimp anyone? Hazelnut and blueberry sound like a yummy chip combination? Nori seaweed float your boat? Just a few of the many offerings available on your nearest Bangkok grocer's shelves.


  1. Nothing like NATURAL petroleum! LOL

  2. Have you tried the weird pringle flavors yet?

  3. I think I may have previously commented on the Pringles craze. Every year, it gets worse and worse. Nori seaweed aren't bad. The ones that are sweet freak...me...out.

  4. @Natalie: I KNOW! The blueberry and hazelnut combination on a chip just sends my stomach into spirals at the mere thought. Can't even bring my usually adventurous eating self to taste one!

  5. I don't get the Thai obsession with donuts. I think every American donut chain is present in Bangkok! And, the best donuts are the small ones sold on the street served in a plastic bag with a bamboo stick to eat them with.

  6. Pringles and shrimp? No thank you!


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