24 December 2010

A golden shoe and a few pretzels too...

Merry Christmas! From the tallest Christmas tree in southeast Asia to a tree made out of golden high-heeled shoes to a tree decorated with pretzels to a giant snow globe that you can step inside of, Bangkok has once again outdone itself with crazy Christmas decor. Here are a few pictures of what the city looks like now....

The largest Christmas tree in southeast Asia, at Bangkok's CentralWorld.
The tree stands an impressive five floors tall.

Everyone needs a tree decorated with pretzels, right?!

Yes, they really are pretzels!

A tree of golden shoes!

A giant snow globe. See the bench? You can step inside and become part of the decor.

The "Happy Skywalk"-- located outside of CentralWorld on the skytrain's elevated walkway. Christmas music blares annually and paper decor flutters overhead. This year, construction from the Zen Department Store (being rebuilt after last Spring's protest fires) competed with the music.


  1. Those are amazing decorations! Wow!

  2. That pretzel tree is great! I want one!

  3. I totally want a pretzel tree. How fun. Decorating trees with edible ornaments sounds like something I will be doing next year now. Ornaments probably won't last (because I'll eat them), but what a fun idea.


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