30 September 2010

Happy Hot Season

I haven't been on holiday quite as long as my blog has. But, from my observation, blogs have a funny way of extending their holidays.

My family enjoyed a busy summer and has been back in Bangkok for the last month. Upon return, we survived a (brutal) two weeks of jet lag. I can't quite put my finger on it, but something about being in your last trimester of pregnancy and traveling with two young children wears one out. My daughter returned for her second year of school, at our fabulous little gem of an international school. The rainy season turned into monsoon season and with it came a sweeping couple weeks of illnesses that kept all of the neighborhood kids away from one another (and the parents rolling their eyes and begging for a good night's sleep). We're currently in the last week, hopefully, of a nasty cough and cold that the locals blame on the 'season change' and a 'chilly drop in temperature.' (As transplants from the Western United States a couple degrees, still with high humidity, doesn't seem that drastic, nor does it quite seem appropriate to get excited about as a 'season change'. But, then again, I guess that is all about your perspective.)

We're entering a fun time in Thailand right now. Honestly, this is the season I love most every single year, regardless of where I am at in the world. But, walking through my Bangkok neighborhood, I can't help but enjoy the 'change of season' (see note in previous paragraph for perspective though) and the new fruits coming into season. Currently, the giant golden pink pomegranates are an obsession and the teeny tiny tangelos are just a few weeks away.

The new moon celebrations are embraced widely in Bangkok and moon cakes can be found in every grocery and outdoor market. Our neighbor brought us our annual tin and although they taste a bit like a really dry fruitcake with an egg baked into the middle, the intricate stampings on their dough always make the kids and I ooh and ahhh.

Another item adding to the festive mood of this season is one of Thailand's largest and most joyful celebrations which will be underway in about seven weeks (give or take a few days!). It seems that houses are already tidying up and lights are preparing to be strung throughout the city for Loy Krathong-- a celebration of light that allows people to push away their misgivings of the last year and start fresh for the new year ahead.

And, as long as you're happy nestling into the extreme air conditioning (I pack a lightweight scarf or sweater everywhere with me during this season-- not for the outdoors, but for layering on the minute I step into any shop or coffeehouse!), the monsoon storms never seem to grow old. This is our third monsoon season and, still, the pounding rain and regular night time cracking thunder is utterly unbelievable.

Happy hot season (that's out of the Thai-described seasons of hot, hotter and hottest!).


  1. miam miam moon cakes! And must be with egg! My sister in law (who lives in HK) doesn't like the egg and always buys without, but it's not the same!! and welcome back and good luck with the end of your pregnancy... happy times! but tired yes!

  2. Happy Hot season to you to! We will be in South Africa for a month, I am a bit sad to miss out on the 'hot' season, and to have to sit through the hottest season...

  3. @Babs: Thank you so very much for the well wishes! (And, yes, w/o the egg it's just not a moon cake)

    @Hanlie: OH NO! You are missing the very best season of the year. Will you be away for your first Loy Krathong (Nov. 21) as well? Enjoy South Africa very, very much!

  4. Welcome back! I missed your blog.


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