23 December 2009

Christmas Decor in Bangkok, part 2

A couple days back I gave you a glimpse of Bangkok's grandly scaled holiday decor and hinted at a second post featuring the wackier side of holiday decorations widely populating Bangkok during this time of year. Plastic tinsel and wacky metal creations float grace the air conditioned halls of Bangkok's Mega shopping centers, along with a helping of classic trees and graceful reindeer. But, at Siam Paragon this year, the creative team decided to feature two dimensional (kind of creepy) cut out paper dolls alongside ukelele playing trees wearing sombreros(!).

But, perhaps my favorite wacky holiday moment in Bangkok this year came at the discovery of the "Happy Walk Sky Walk". Located between the Chidlom and Siam skytrain stations, the happy sky walk is a crazy funny interpretation of the holidays. Take a walk in the mild, but still hot, temperatures of Bangkok's December as the traffic races underfoot, snowflakes and paper ornaments sway overhead and ear piercing volumes of Winter Wonderland and Frosty the Snowman scream overhead in the Happy Walk Sky Walk!

Happy Holidays (more recipes coming in the New Year... the kitchen is churning out Christmas cookies now!).


  1. Happy holidays! Enjoy the new year.

  2. Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

  3. I want a sombrero wearing Christmas tree!


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