01 March 2009

Rain, frog, not hot, frog again

On this first day of March, we officially bid adieu to "winter " in Bangkok with its mild average of 85 degrees, low humidity and dryness. And, today, we welcome the beginning of the hottest season of all. Going back a few months, when the summer turned to the cooler season I was shocked to learn that the locals were right: "winter" began exactly to the day. Locally, the day after Loy Kratong marks the beginning of cool season and true to the calendar, the day after a wonderful holiday of celebration came and the humidity suddenly dropped. So, with the start of hot season being today, I expected to experience a similar phenomenon. Dawning my lightest clothes, I stepped out onto our home's balcony, planning to water our orchids. But, I had a few surprises awaiting me.

Surprise number one: There was a light rain falling from the sky and the temperatures were cool. I haven't seen rain in Bangkok since early November. How refreshing to watch the little specks mist over the trees. How renewing to smell the earth soak up the precipitation and the smell of wet dirt rise to surround my kids and I on the balcony.

Surprise number two: A dried up frog that apparently couldn't make it to this morning's cooling refreshment was sitting on the couple inch railing of our red balcony. He lay precariously on his back, legs up and "fingers" splayed looking as if he choked on his way to death.

Surprise number three: Just a few yards away, on the same balcony railing lay another dead frog, this one belly down and looking like it could have also used some water in its final days. Perhaps even more surprising than finding two dead frogs and the breeze having not blown them away in the early morning hours, is that they were both positioned on a fairly narrow railing high in the air. Surprising that they not only withstood the elements, but predators as well. 

At my bare feet, a dried up snake skin blew past my red toe nails. I went for the camera as my kids splashed in the rain. We all watered the orchids, despite the fact that they didn't need it now, said a good-bye to the frogs and prepared for "just another day" full of surprises in Thailand.

Cooking in Thailand: entry no. 34
Carrot Ginger Soup
This is one of my favorite recipes no matter where I am in the world. Make extra and pop it in the freezer for a day you don't feel like starting from scratch.

10 large carrots, scrubbed and cut into chunks
4 cups of stock (chicken or veggie)
2 large pieces of ginger, peel removed and cut into chunks
salt and pepper to taste
1 cup of cream, optional

In a large pot, combine the carrots, stock and ginger. Bring to a boil and reduce to medium heat. Cook until the carrots are tender and fall apart when touched with a fork. Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly. In batches, add mixture to a blender and blend until completely smooth. If you wish, you may strain the soup after blending. Add salt and pepper to taste and cream, if using. Reheat and serve.

Yield: four generous servings


  1. Damn! I saw your entry as soon as you put it up and I made the soup immediately. It was so good that I completely forgot about the pictures of the dead frogs. I had to come back and tell you. Thanks! Todd.

  2. TWEET TWEET. @LovingRice: I heart your tweets.

  3. YOU R-O-C-K! The soup is yummy. I never would have guessed that carrots and ginger would be good together. Sorry to hear bout the frogs.


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