11 October 2008

Pardon me, you have a little wing in your teeth

A fantastic morning out was made all the more brilliant when I came upon the fried bug vendor. If you've kept up with the blog, you already know my adoration for the mighty street vendor. But, this morning's discovery tops them all. I'll keep this short and let the pictures do the talking. Hold on to your stomach if you're not a big fan of a little wing in your teeth.....

Cooking in Thailand, entry no. 17:
Vodka tonic with thai limes
After some encounters, you just need a stiff drink mixed expertly by your significant other!

1 shot of vodka
tonic water
juice of two thai limes (if you can't find thai limes, use juice of two regular limes with a twist of lemon)

Fill a glass with ice, add vodka and lime juice. Fill with tonic to the top.


  1. Seriously?

    I mean, really?

    Well, I suppose considering the impending economic depression in the US we might be wise to re think the grossness of cockroach casserole.

    Kids, we're having beetles tonight! :)

  2. The first time we came across these at the weekend market, I could not bring myself to even look at it...


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